Lethokuhle Msimang


Coffee isn't good for the heart,

but it seems nothing moves 

till I think of a boy with skin like gold 

while my heart jumps

and my hands shake 

cause I’m drinking all this coffee. 


I think it is cowardice to be kind 

I should not have let you take me in, 

for there are many men that could sweep me off my feet 

but I've never met a man who could fly.


I believe you've left me up there to die, 

but before my body falls against the earth 

I'll try to hold on to anything I can find, 


even the old man who spoiled my youth 

or the young one who'll bore me,

and once they tire or loosen their grip

I'll settle for warm a cup coffee.


I'll think of you and your simplicity,

your name, and your laugh.

I'll recall the day I looked at you 

and marveled at your audacity.


Some nights your skin seemed a faded brown, 

warm and misty.


Lately I add two sugars and milk to my coffee.