What can only be described as the most unsuspecting venue, FLOSO is a small clothing boutique and record store run by Liuwei, located just a few meters away from Temple and Dada. The boutique hosts a number of live ambience, experimental and electronic sets and frequent workshops from which musicians can collectively present and discuss soundscapes as well as future projects. The experience is all together serendipitous. In part because  whilst Beijing has not yet established itself internationally as a contending   contributor of art and music, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself performing amongst pioneering artists such as Gagliardi  Edoardo  (Layer), Xing Jiang Bo (iimmune), Wang Lu (L+R), in collaboration with ambience producer and D.J Yang Wenliang In FLOSO as a sequel to our previous showcase at Beijing’s Short Film Festival


What I found most striking was the distinct sound and authenticity of each musical set, and how unlikely it would be to stumble across these artist had I not found myself in this particular set of circumstances. For someone with no knowledge of Chinese or comprehension of  Beijing’s performance scene, this art was simply trapped in its context. It had all the potential to find audience internationally, but as all things niche, I enjoyed it quietly as if it were my own discovery, stumbled upon in this quaint boutique.  Perhaps it is for this reason, that I find it imperative to make mention of FLOSO. It is these small initiatives which give stage to artist who might otherwise remain underground. So much of what we like is because we have heard it, so much goes unheard and known.